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Wellbeing for Healthcare Professionals
Winter Workshops


During a changing landscape in healthcare and the wider environment, healthcare professionals are under significant pressure while providing important work to the most vulnerable. Many healthcare workers find themselves increasingly stressed and burnt out. There is a need for:

  • Ways to manage stress and find balance

  • Ability to deal with uncertainty, change and overwhelm

  • Practical advice on breath, diet and movement

  • A culture of wellbeing led from the top, i.e. modelled by managers.  

Harmony in Health can provide workshops introducing holistic ideas and practical material to help healthcare professionals improve their own wellbeing.


“These were lovely sessions - very well facilitated.  Thank you!” Senior Nurse

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou and Julia Outlaw exploring “taste” at a senior nurses awayday.

The tools introduced can help people deal with the current demands of working-life in a sustainable way and inspire an attitude of self-care and personal development - which can stand them in good stead for their long-term wellbeing.

The workshops are supportive and experiential, providing a healing space during the time of the workshop rather than presenting theoretical ideas.  Content can be tailored for particular groups and may include material on natural movement, active rest, nutrition, and activities that bring joy and connection.  All help people move towards balance in themselves (in mind, body and emotions) and within the wider environment.

A Typical Event

A recent workshop for Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital Senior Nurses included a mix of activities integrated into an hour-long session as part of a wellbeing awayday.

We began with simple and gentle natural movements to release tension.  A song brought energy and connection as all the participants joined in together moving around the space.  

“I liked the diversity of the sessions.  We can use all the techniques privately for ourselves.” Senior Nurse


Julia Outlaw leading a guidedrelaxation session for senior nurses

Lying on the floor with head supports, the group found moments of active rest.  The Alexander Technique practitioners helped the nurses find ease as they rested. Guided relaxation methods encouraged embodied awareness.

“I felt relaxed and calm during the session.  The floor-work was so helpful - and the singing!” Senior Nurse

We discussed how to ‘stop’ in order to reclaim moments in the day or in times of stress, offering ways for the nurses to connect with themselves and find calm; stopping, seeing, breathing and finding a calm, balanced state.

“I can take time for myself - a helpful reminder to notice the moment.” Senior Nurse


“We can use all our senses to create a calm environment.” Senior Nurse

We explored simple pick-me-ups such as herbs and smells like geranium and peppermint; lessons from ancient wisdom and an antidote to often stressful medical environments.   We shared a rhythm activity to calm the nervous system that can also be used with patients.

“I loved the takaketa rhythm exercise  - I can use it with my patients.” Senior Nurse


“Really helpful ideas of ways to manage stress in the moment.” Senior Nurse

86% of Senior Nurses felt better after the session, 60% felt a lot better.


95% learnt something helpful for their wellbeing.

"So nice to get out of my head and away from all the words - this was really practical and really useful!" Senior Nurse


“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the wellbeing session you delivered, it was so original and refreshing.” Deputy Chief Nurse

Run by Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, Julia Outlaw and Sara Khoroosi.

Download a brochure about our workshops for healthcare professionals.

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