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Pilot Project

Harmony in Health in Education - news


Over the course of the Summer Term (2023), Harmony in Health ran an 'inner harmony' wellbeing pilot at Milborne St Andrews school in Dorset, in conjunction with the Harmony Project.


We introduced practical and holistic content that supports physical and emotional wellbeing to the staff and all the classes of children.  This consisted of natural movements, games, stories, and songs - all short activities that easily integrated into the school day and gave everyone the experience of more 'inner harmony'.  


The aims included stress relief for the teachers, and for the children, activities they can engage in to connect mind and body, actively rest and find more calm, attention and energy throughout the school day.


“When you are sad you can stop and think of your head like a floaty balloon and you feel a bit better.”

Reception child


“Inner harmony means being yourself, when you can just be yourself, without feeling frustrated with everyone around."

Year 4 child

100% of staff agreed these inner harmony activities improved overall wellbeing in the school and 100% said they would implement them in their classes from now on. 100% would recommend these to other schools.

“For me, it brought the whole school together and reminded us to breathe!”



If you would like to book a workshop or inset day, please get in touch.

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