Long Covid Support Programme

Navigating a Path Back to Health


Here are some free-to-view videos from our Long Covid Support Programme, "Navigating a Path Back to Health". 

Please note: all these video workshops are in English. The whole series is available for a one-off subscription of just £10, which will be valid for a period of two years.

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“Looking forward, we need to offer a holistic, integrated approach rather than symptom by symptom management”

Elaine Maxwell

NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) Themed Review: Living with Covid19 -

Second review; March 2021; doi:10.3310/themedreview_45225

About the programme

The Harmony in Health team wish to help at this time of crisis. We are inspired by the ideas of Harmony and believe that they can help people navigate their way back to health.

So what can we offer?

Firstly, what we can’t offer is specific advice - as that is the role of your GP or Consultant.

There are so many unknowns about this new condition, but much is known about:

  • how the balance of mind, body and emotions affects our state of health

  • ways to restore balance in the organism, drawing on knowledge from medical traditions that had to deal with many diseases – including plagues and pestilence - without antibiotics, steroids or surgery

  • mind/body disciplines from East and West that have always sought to integrate rather than separate

We don’t know if they will work but they will do no harm and we can learn together about what is helpful. Early feedback, though, is very positive.


Here are some comments following our modules on Natural Breathing.

"I've had a lot of breathing problems...

I really liked the breathing sessions - really interesting.  Especially remembering to focus on the outbreath...

I didn't realise what an effect this could have."

"I've been concentrating on allowing the natural exhale after the breathing session; my breathing, my voice, everything, has improved quite significantly over this last week - just from that little snippet."

"I do a lot of ashtanga yoga, where you do a lot of big breaths..so I feel I have to relearn how to breathe.. and as a yoga teacher start all over again... but it made sense working with trying to help a natural breath - it's really helpful."

"It also helped my digestive system...it would get red raw -  if I calmed my breath and watched it, my digestive system calmed down too, which is incredible."

We know that many people are struggling with the loss of their sense of smell and our feedback tells us that some were helped by suggestions from our aromatherapist.

"The aromatherapy talk was really helpful for me - I have quite a challenge with sense of smell and taste still -  it has hardly returned."

"I picked up on the course that I can still enjoy the sensation of smell even if it is limited.  I run my fingers through pots of herbs and look back on positive memories - this is healing."

"I can stimulate a positive response - it's very interesting.  It has a really lovely effect on me."

Another popular element is our series on Nutrition.

"The Ayurvedic input on nutrition is another really helpful element...

I am cooking with more spices now...and more warming foods"

"I'm a natural Vata (type) -  long Covid was a shock to those used to running around!  One thing I've realised is that I've learnt to listen to my body - begun to intuitively do those things that have been discussed as being beneficial..."

"As far as nutrition - more input coming through from the mainstream clinical world which is confirming what we are learning on the course - which is really exciting - it opens up an avenue for people to really benefit."​

We are running ten fortnightly one-hour workshops from late March to mid-August 2021, with regular modules on mind and body, nutrition, and guest specialists to share their knowledge on a variety of different but related subjects.


We cover a big range of topics and approaches designed to nurture and support, including modules on:

  • Embodiment Practices

    • Natural Breathing

    • Vocalising

    • Chanting

    • Visualisation

    • The power of creativity in gentle movement

    • Self-portrait

    • Rhythm

    • Natural Exercise

    • Alexander Technique

    • Feldenkrais

    • Healing dance

  • Cognitive Fatigue Management Techniques

  • Nutrition

    • Ayurvedic diet for Vata​ types

    • Ayurvedic diet for Kapha​ types

    • Ayurvedic diet for Pitta​ types

    • Seasonal food

    • Summer drinks

  • Aromatherapy

  • Herbs to aid sleep and relaxation

  • Soul food

    • Stories

    • Poetry

    • Sacred Geometry

  • Long Covid Support

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